Black Thai Minority

Chance to meet the Black Thai ethnicity

In Pu Luong, you can find that the majority of the ethnic minorities here are ethnic Thai Black. They are a tribe migrating from southern China to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. The Black Thai are also present in Australia, France and the United States interned in the state of Lowa. Documents show that the Black Thai tribe came to the Pu Luong area in the 11th century, they brought along the experience of growing wet rice along the rivers and high-rise stilt house architecture to avoid evil animals. Thai people are one of the few ethnic groups with their own writing which is similar to the Thai word in Thailand but in Pu Luong the people who write Thai are very few, mainly the village elders communicated by ancestors.

The Thai Black people in Pu Luong are not religious but they believe in ancestor worship to show respect and remember the thanks of ancestors and natural gods. In a year, they arrange offerings to those gods to pray for good weather and blessed harvests.